stakeholder dialogues

How we work



– Topic. GLA members propose topics to the theme’s commission.


– Choice. Relevant topics that fit within our main global themes are accepted if there are sufficient members willing and able to participate in Phase II (its scoping and preparation).



– Scoping. Members convene to discuss the objectives, the scope and the format/agenda.


– Preparation.  Research support is secured, good framing of the issue is ensured, content is developed and stakeholders are mapped.  Leaders of key stakeholders are identified and invited. 



– Dialogue.  A carefully crafted stakeholder dialogue process leads to an outcome that meets the expectations of the participating stakeholders. The dialogue combines individual work with group work.


– Outcome. The team synthesizes the results in a report. The participants decide what to do with the results. 

Next Dialogues


Democracy and Climate Change

Politicians are on a short term leash.  They face the next election. Yet inverting climate change is a long term gain with short term pains.  Leaders risk being thrown out if they choose the long term.  Can democracy solve climate change?


Economic Sanctions

While sanctions can be an effective tool, their overuse and the lack of multilateral support often undermine their objectives. 

Past Dialogues


Reimagining Global Leadership

The outcome of this dialogue was a plan to bring leaders of civil society, government and business together to solve global problems.