Reimagining Global Leadership

The MSFS Summit in Tarragona, Spain – October 2019

Our Story

The Global Leaders Assembly is an initiative of a group of alumni of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service who are concerned about the current state of global affairs.


They convened an MSFS Summit in Tarragona, Spain in October 2019 to debate the issue and shape possible actions. The conclusion was to “reimagine global leadership”: find new ways to lead the world while preserving core values such as democracy and fact-based truths.


This led to the insight that the world needs a neutral facilitator of conversations and structured stakeholder dialogues at all levels. Today’s digital meeting tech makes this possible.

global leaders assembly

Who we are

The founders of the Global Leaders Assembly Foundation

Armand Bogaarts

Chairman of the Board

Scott Morse


Board Member

Warren Wimmer


Board Member

Lisa Kuhn

Foundation Secretary

Board Member

Marty Kalin


Laura Brank

Board Member

Tanja Kleinsorge

Board Member

Chair Sustainability & Prosperity

Franz Traxler

Co Founder

Ioannis Kofinis

Co Founder

Anthony Arend

Co Founder

Alejandro Rodriguez

Co Founder

Jack Roepers