a world of constructive dialogues

Do you also believe in the power of dialogue?

We believe in the power of constructive and respectful dialogue as a force of good in an increasingly polarized world.

Such dialogues should take place everywhere, between all stakeholders, and deal with thousands of critical issues while sharing outcomes with leaders so that they can help implement practical solutions to complex problems.

How we work

Group of people sitting in a circle on group therapy. Looking at their therapist and listening ti her story.

Broaden the dialogue

We broaden the dialogue to include not only politicians/policymakers but also business leaders, civil society leaders, and academics/scientists.


Leverage technology

By leveraging technology we have an opportunity to broaden the conversation globally to include a far greater range of stakeholders than ever before


Stay neutral/factual

We are committed to fact-based dialogue and follow through on that commitment by staffing with researchers

we are global community of leaders

We help leaders engage with each other to solve some of the world's most pressing problems.

Every issue has stakeholders and leaders who represent them.
These leaders need to talk and understand each other’s position, find a common ground and come up with new ideas and solutions.  Through dialogue they learn from others with similar challenges. 

Our why

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